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Tuesday, 14-Feb-2006 00:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
all american rejects

supporters,towers of london
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13 feb 06
omg!it was awesomeeeeeeeee.tht was the bestest day of my life so far!seeing tyson infront of my eyesss,omg.i cnt believe it. calming myself down:P tower of london went on first,i thought they were gonna be shit,but they actually played gd songs tonite.tht fucked up or whatever the song was pretty gonna actually dl tht song lmao.everyone was just jumping around and putting their rock hands up so was i mate!it was greatttt.danny threw a beer i think to the crowds,and it kindda went into my mouth hmm. but im fine,im fine:P oh and he has really nice legs and proper look gd in those skinny fit jeans innit

then then all american rejects went on!everyone went mental dude!i was screaming and all.every song they sang,oh my it was awesome mate!i sang through every song,i knew em all dude!haha their perfomance was awesome.tyson was very very nice! he played on the guitar and start dancing made me scream,eyyopp sexaay!!i proper screamed his name and i was like "tyson!i fucking love uuuu!" sadly i dnt think he heard it:( damn. the drummer was looking pretty gd toooo. when they start singin their last song,everyone went woooooooo. i was getting all jammed up ya know.head banging and all sort!lmao put up ur rock hands ppl!AAR deserve'em!then they went of the stage.everyone was still there start pushing me and all tht u know.i was like wtf,quit it will ya?!then everyone went "we want more!we want more!" and they actually went on the stage and perform another 2 songs!it was fucking amazinggg.

oh and everyone was like pushing me like i wasnt there.stupid ppl i know im small dnt have to push me around. and i did push em back for revenge shame innit!oh and they were proper pulling my hair!towers of london and all american reject threw water around to the crowd and the water went on my hair.oh my,my hair just went "boingggg" ive straighten it and it went all curly.oh well after the gig everyone's hair went all wrong. my new friend caught all american reject's guitar picks man!so not fair and this girl infront of me got towers of london's drum sticks.bitch! i was on the second row yeah,u know tht?haha.oh my,i need to stoppp. ive lost my voice from screaming+shouting+singing in out of tune! and my leg hurts from ppl stepping on my foot,been pushed,jumping around and dancing.its great singing the songs tht they played,proper knew'em all! not a saddo alright it was so hot in there,i was sweating like a pig!oh myy!sweaty sweaty ana.thts my fault.i wore a sleevless shirt but i wore my jacket over it.damn i can feel all the sweat went down my head.haha!

p/s ive touched tyson,twiceeeeeee.haha!he went down to the crowds and everyone start touching,grabbing him!i touched his body and hands.sweaty haha.ive touched danny from towers of london too.haha oh my,thts all.i had so much fun and now its sleep sleep time.till next time,laterrrr;)

Sunday, 15-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

shana!shes cute isnt she?
fahim candid?not so much
like tht ass?buy now,only available at asda with its smart price
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i had fun hanging around with fahim&&watid,as usual.some of the pictures has been taken at auntie shida and unc paiza's house.yea and like,almost all of them looks crazy and makes us looking even more weirder than we already are.haha.

and,i ate nasi lemak and goreng pisang today.and was nice.yummy yum yum.haha.sorry,its just tht i havent eat nasi lemak for aGes!god knows when was the last time i ate nasi lemak.,but but,i miss mama's nasi lemak.

Saturday, 14-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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here are pictures of my family and friends. taken before my family gone back to malaysia.i uploaded the pictures for lisa as she wanted all the pictures of her friends and all,but then i thought might as well just put all the family pictures.

well,first 4 pictures was when papa when golfing with his mates.i think this was the last time he played golf in UK:)

then,there are lisa's pictures with her friends at school.she took like a million of pictures with her friends..anyway,moving on. yeah,thats basically it;pictures of her and her mates when she still go to bluecoat school.

then,there are some pictures of rashdan at scool.taken with his mates and teacher.i think the picture when him and his mates on the table was a xmas dinner at school.there's pictures of rashdan in classroom and play ground. he even took a picture with the lunch lady,well he didnt.but the lunch lady was in the picture, tht still counts as "taken a picture with the lunch lady" right?

and then,its adrian's turn!my baby bro at school.aww,he looks cute doesnt he?!and all his little friends are cute too;).adrian is in class 3,reception.i used to work in class 3 for my work anyway,there you go.adrian's soo cute.i miss him!

next is..oh,family pictures at town,doing some shopping and taking was in victoria centre.we went to topshop,gap,next,and many many was great and and!i bought a skinny fit jeans,2 shirts from h&m and jacket.yeay,i love them.the whole family bought something for themselves.but erm,im not sure if mama and papa did.moving on~

after shopping,we went to unc kamal's house for dinner.auntie's cooking was awesome!i had some laugh with munzir,nadia,rashdan and lisa on tht day. munzir was wearing the devil mask with glasses and a hat,pretty funny huh?.well,everyone found it amusing,but not adrian.he was scared.haha.oh and there was a live gig in unc kamal's house on tht day.munzir was perfoming james blunt's song,high and your beutiful and nadia was playing some songs with violin.woo,i would like to try to learn how to play violin!;D

then there was some pictures of my family with auntie anis's family.we stayed at auntie anis house on tht day until 2am!.it was great,we kids was watching beauty shop and excorsism of emily rose.

lastly,dinner at unc mazlan's house.auntie ida was there too.auntie's cooking was great.i love tht ayam masak lemak.i ate like 3 times i was just too delicious!

Monday, 30-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
our crazy n silly day out!=D

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Sunday, 1-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
candid shots!

ishk ishk
saye tgh tgk tv.sape tangkap ni?
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muahahah.candid shots tat i took while i was "lepak-ing" at watid's house.we suppose to do our nasyid stuff,but we end up watching unfabulous,my favourite tv show at the moment!hoho.i got sOo bored so i took pix.candid pix.haha.notty notty;P

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